Ballistic Fist Game

About The Game:

Ballistic Fist is a fast paced 2-D fighting game with 3-D characters and levels produced by Full Sail University and made by Team Recipe for Disaster (Shameless Studios). It features four  fighters, five levels and a training room/mode and has an arcade mode for single player as well as a versus mode for multiplayer.
The game is free to play and is available from the Full Sail "Game Project Web Portal" using the link on the left.

Job: Animation Artist
- Animated for Isamu and Isabella characters
- Created concept for character animations
- Assisted with Special Effects
- Assisted with in-game HUD assets

Programs used:
- Maya
- Photoshop

Meet the Team:

      Analo Johnson - Character Artist
      Christian Thompson -Art Lead/Animator
      Elisabeth Simmons - Animator
      Emilio Zedan - Environment Artist
      Henry Pereira Debayle - Character Artist
      Ivan Ramos - Environment Artist
      Jared Sobotta - Environment Artist                                            
      Julia Lawrence - Character Artist
      Richard Sanchez - Environment Artist
      Sonia King - Environment Artist
      Todd Thompson - Character Artist                                                                            

      Brad Almony - Programming Lead
      Dalton Medd - Programmer
      Franky Rivera - Programmer
      Michael J. Fox - Programmer

Link to game site - Ballistic Fist

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